Moblique 2-in-1 penholder

Moblique 2-in-1 is a budget straight & oblique penholder designed by Luis Creations. It has a compartment to hold nibs inside the body.

14 colours are available: English Rose, Dead Sea Clay, Mint Leaf, Purple Sand, Blue Coral, Lisbon Lemon, White Nacre, Pink Pearl, Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise, Silver Storm, Moonlight Shadow, Midnight Moss and Misty Night.

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The First Reusable Brush Lettering Workbook

With this reusable workbook, you can practise and improve your lettering skills by writing the characters over and over again, thousands of times with just a brush pen filled with water, without even using a single piece of paper. Your writings will dry out and disappear gradually just like magic, allowing you to practise all over again.

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SOAP Calligrapher Ink Stirrer

The first ink stirrer especially designed for suiting the needs of CALLIGRAPHERS is now available!

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  • Designed for Calligrapher

    Most important, the tool that Calligraphers use have to look nice!

  • Time Saver

    For calligrapher who loves creating their ink, but doesn’t like stirring.

  • Batteries Operated

    Always there in your time of need.  Able to run long hours without having it attached to a cord, you can bring and use it anywhere even without a power point nearby.