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Moblique 2-in-1 is a budget straight & oblique penholder designed by Luis Creations. It has a compartment to hold nibs inside the body. Comes in 14 chic colours in 2 surface finishes, matte and high gloss.  Interchangeable body parts allow users to mix and match to create their personalized penholder.

  • 9 x Pastel colours: English Rose, Dead Sea Clay, Mint Leaf, Purple Sand, Blue Coral, Lisbon Lemon, White Nacre, V2 Midnight Moss and V2 Misty Night.
  • 5 x Chrome colours: Pink Pearl, Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise, Silver Storm, Moonlight Shadow.
  • Materials: ABS plastic, brass 
  • Length: Moblique 170mm, Moblique V2 155mm
  • Nib compartment: 47.5mm x 7mm diameter (fits 3-4 Nikko G nibs)
  • Grip size: fingers grip 10mm, widest point 13.8mm
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Flange setting: fits G nibs without taking the flange out. It will be able to fit other nibs by taking the flange out, inserting the nib and putting the flange back in place.
  • Price from AUD 15.80 (prices vary by country). 


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