Moblique 2-in-1 penholder - Mint Leaf

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  • Convenient Nib Compartment - This penholder has a travel-friendly and convenient compartment to hold nibs inside of the body, great if you are on the go.
  • Switchable & Dual Purpose - This 2-in-1 penholder can be used as an oblique or straight holder. Its oblique brass flange can hold pointed pen nibs and after removing the flange, you can use it as a straight holder for broad-edged calligraphy or offhand flourishing.
  • Removable & Versatile Flange - This product comes with a removable brass flange that comes pre-adjusted to fit G nibs. The removable flange allows you to fit many pointed pen nibs by removing the flange, slightly opening it, and inserting the desired nib. You can also adjust the flange if you know how to. In addition, the holder is compatible with the MoFlange which comes in Brass, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold colours.
  • Mix & Match - If you purchase two or more Moblique holders, you can mix and match the parts of the pen. With 12 stylish colours to choose from and a choice of either a pastel or metallic finish, there are many combinations you can try out. Also, it is compatible with the MoFlange or MoRing for a more stylish look!
  • Light Weight & Comfortable - This penholder is super lightweight weighing 8 grams, with an empty compartment, and has a comfortable medium-sized grip, and a maximum thickness of about 14mm. It also features a small curved shaped dip in the front of the holder for your index finger to rest on.
  • Materials: ABS plastic, brass 
  • Length: 170mm
  • Nib compartment: 47.5mm x 7mm diameter (fits 3-4 Nikko G nibs)
  • Grip size: fingers grip 10mm, widest point 13.8mm
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • The nib is not included.
  • Add Nikko G nib as an optional extra

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